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Odessa Equine Services

Odessa Equine is dedicated to providing high quality, comprehensive medical care to horses as well as intensive client education.

It is my belief that education of the horse owners is the best way to prevent illness and promote good horse health.

Whether your horse is a national competitor, pleasure horse or companion it will receive quality medical attention.

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What's New

Spring Wellness Packages Dr. Doornekamp has designed several Spring Wellness Packages for your specific needs.  More...

Dentistry Dr. Doornekamp has a particular interest in equine dentistry and is currently on a Diplomat pathway to become a veterinary equine dental specialist (similar to surgeon or cardiologist specialist). More...

Fecal Blitz During the month of April clients will have the opportunity to get fecal samples analyzed (Fecal Egg Count), interpreted and receive a 12 month deworming schedule for each sample at a discounted rate.  Please contact the office for details.  Fecal Submission Form must accompany each sample submitted.